Can the blessed be saved?

The problem is that God is good to these people through what I would call common grace.


So just as a follow up to yesterday’s post. I want to consider the idea of Can the blessed be saved?

Who are the blessed?

I hear people talk about being blessed. When they say that, usually there is some sort of measurable, tangible gift of life, they believe God has given to them, and they use it as a foundation for their hope of eternal life.

If we asked these people if they were to die today where would they spend eternity, their answer would be in heaven with God. “Why do you think that,” we might ask?

“Because he is with me and takes care of me. He has blessed me.”

So those who are blessed are those who see that, there is a God. This God gives good gifts. And because this God gives good gifts, those who receive them are “ok before this Holy God.”

How are they Blessed?

Usually the blessings are tangible like:

  • Financial strength
  • Wellness and health
  • Good relationships with others
  • Successful business ventures
  • and so on.

What’s wrong with this?

The problem is that God is good to these people through what I would call common grace.

Normal People, just skip this: **(Now a note to all you ultra theology nerds. I know that the various takes on common grace can have some variations, and some people hate the concept and all that. I use the term common grace, to simply mean that there are tangible blessings in the lives of lost people that God has placed in their lives, simply because he is good. I am not trying to say anything else.)

As I was saying…

The problem is that God is good to these people through what I would call common grace. And common grace does not:

  • call the sinner to repentance
  • offer hope of eternal life
  • declare the sinner righteous
  • or anything the like.

However, there are so many blessings in common grace that the lost person fails to come to grips with. By God’s common grace:

  • We can breath
  • We can eat
  • Our molecules are held together

None of these more, basic blessings, can at all be construed that God is “ok” with us. So why would your survival of a financial crisis mean God is “ok” with you?

Now I do believe these blessing ought to call a person to repentance, because God is being good to them. But that is a different topic.

So what?

So you should examine yourself. If you were to stand before God, and he were to ask you:

Why Should I let you into my heaven?

What would you answer? If deep down you feel like his saving you in the car wreck proves you are “ok” in God’s eyes, then you are sadly mistake.

You must personally turn from your sin, turn from your self effort to make yourself better, and trust in Jesus Christ. Then you will be “ok” in God’s sight.