Purpose of Theology

The first intention of the Scripture, in the revelation of God towards us, is, as was said, that we might fear him, believe, worship, obey him, and live unto him, as God.

John Owen, The Glory of the Trinity: Taken from the Works of John Owen, electronic ed., vol. 2 (Simpsonville, SC: Christian Classics Foundation, 1999), 14–15.

I wanted to share this great quote, because this is often what is missing from the lives of many ministers. They have become event planners, people counters, culture changers, and process workers.

What they need to be is God lovers. It is far too easy to study the Bible as an academic act, an intellectual pursuit, or a simple curiosity. That will leave the soul lifeless and dead.

But when the eyes behold the greatness of Christ in the pages of Scripture, paradise breaks through from the age to come, and the soul can taste of the powers of the age to come.

But it is only the soul whose eyes stayed fixed on that point, through no strength of their own, that will one day see these glories face to face.

Scripture is meant to drive us to worship and love God.