Hi my Name is Brady, ….

I recently wrote about some of my first initial steps towards Calvinism here.

So what happened next?

While I was studying this passage John 6:44, I also encountered a kid with whom I was attempting to share the gospel.

I showed up at his house one day to play a game of pool. We played and talked for about an hour, and I started into a dialog about faith and Christ.

It was such a stark thing that happened

He stopped me; looked me dead in the eye and said,

“I know all about Jesus and God. And I am quite happy with my life the way it is. If I trust Jesus he would totally change my life and I don’t want that.”

This was confusing to me. I had never heard anyone say this so candidly. I think most people who think this, just smile and pacify the person talking to them, but I was taken aback by his forwardness.

As I went back to my office, I was trying to make sense of this, because it really did not compute in my head. Then I remembered what I had been studying: No one can come to Christ unless the Father draws him.

There was my answer. At this particular moment, God is not drawing this guy and so he can’t trust in Jesus right now.

But would he ever do so? I didn’t know. But here is what this encounter taught me:

  1. We are not in control of when we are saved and when we are not.
  2. Salvation is not just a decision that one day we can just decide today I want to be a Christian. If the Holy Spirit is not drawing you, you cannot be saved. Period. And it shouldn’t matter if you are a Calvinist or not, this is what everyone should believe. I think to believe differently about this issue, is to be totally confused about the whole thing. Because what I just stated is not exclusively Calvinistic.
  3. I have to continue to share the gospel because I don’t know at what point God will draw someone when I share. They could hear the gospel a 1000 times. And it could be the 1001 time that God decides to use to save them. So we must continue to share.

But I had one thought nagging me about all of this: So if a person must be drawn by the Father through the Holy Spirit in order to be saved, then if someone dies lost, what does that mean?  It was a question that I wrestled with for quite some time. Perhaps I will tell you about it one day.