Friday’s Finds

Friday’s Finds

I am an uncultured swine.

  • I don’t like reading fiction books (I’d rather watch the movie)
  • I can’t stand artsy movies ( I couldn’t stand “O, Brother where art thou?” No I didn’t understand it, but once I did, I still hated it. I was like, can we play a video game now?)
  • I am not a go-to-the-museum art lover. I am usually more fascinated with how many people think they are clever while looking at art, than I am looking at art.
  • I don’t like the music involved with old hymns usually. (I know a reformed baptist that would rather have modern sounding music than old sounding music? what is the world coming to)

So I find things that I think are cool and share them here.Like this:

You can, this Christmas if you want, send a couple of photos of yourself to this company and let them 3d print your head for a superhero action figure.

This video shows how they do it. Kind of cool.