Ephesians: Introduction

I have been preaching through the book of Ephesians for a little while. I haven’t made it through Ephesians in just 6 weeks, but also, I have not taken 6 years. So I am somewhere in the middle of those who preach verse by verse. At times we probably went a little too fast and at times we have probably gone a little too slow.

Anyway, below you will find the introduction to Ephesians. I pray it encourages you.


Sometimes you need a reframe

One of the great things about preaching is that God uses it to reframe our perspectives. That means that we are looking at life through one set of glasses, and we need a new pair. We need for God to rip off the old pair, to give us the new pair, and to help us live out what he has called us to.

Here is a sermon that God can use to rip off your old pair of glasses.